About Startup Christ


Raymond Fava

My goal in entrepreneurship is to glorify God by solving problems, creating influence, helping others, and applying my gifts. I didn’t always know I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but this is where God is leading me, and I have an exciting path ahead.

Meanwhile, God has called me to help promote entrepreneurship in the church. There is a great need for Christians to influence the world. Entrepreneurship is a powerful way to influence the world, and I feel that too many creative and talented Christians are avoiding entrepreneurial risk taking, instead choosing safer lives. I want to create a support system for members of the church to walk faithfully in the path that God leads them. As Christians, if we are staying comfortable, then how much faith do we really have. I want to teach new entrepreneurs lessons I’ve learned from experts or experience. I want to promote and feature the startups in the church. Lastly I want to build a community of resources and connections within the church for Christian entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

This is the ultimate purpose of Startup Christ. For now it is a blog, but moving forward I will strive to meet and feature Christian entrepreneurs and feature them.