Startup Christ Status Report November 2018

Startup Christ has made significant strides in the last few months in getting where we need to be.

Startup Christ Welcomes EcoEats, Inc.

One of the goals of Startup Christ is to feature Christian businesses. These businesses are founded as an entrepreneur’s means of using their talents to benefit the kingdom. While these businesses may be for profit, it doesn’t mean they can’t do good work especially once they make a profit. EcoEats, Inc launched was founded in April and has launched its initial products.

New Site!

In the first year of this, Startup Christ was on the wrong platform which greatly limited the potential of this website for discovery. In order to grow in Year 2, Startup Christ needs to be on the WordPress platform so that its pages and articles can be shared using Jetpack. WordPress has a lot to offer, and it was a mistake to use a cheaper option.