Announcement: Startup Christ Presents Debut Wednesday 3/13/19!

Startup Christ is launching a Youtube series with regards to its interviews. The series will debut on the new channel, Christianity Visualized. More details on Christianity Visualized to come. For now, please subscribe to their channel here.

Episode 1 of Startup Christ Presents will feature our interview with Christopher Shaw, the director of the upcoming feature movie Church PeopleIn the interview Chris, opens up about his journey into the film industry offering advice for aspiring content producers and actors alike. Be sure to watch, or listen to the interview!

Interviews Coming

Startup Christ will be expanding its online presence by performing a series of interviews with influential Christians who aren’t necessarily behind the pulpit. Just to be up front, there may be occasional exceptions to overtly Christian influencers. There are two main reasons why we want to do this.

The first is that there is so much wisdom to gather from people who have walked the path you want to walk in the future. And there is even more wisdom to gain in that these people know Christ. Secondly, it helps build an entrepreneurial network that enables Startup Christ to grow and help others.

In the upcoming weeks Startup Christ will release the interview with film director Christopher Shaw. In particular, I found this interview quite inspirational, and believe anyone interested in producing content will too.

Startup Christ Status Report November 2018

Startup Christ has made significant strides in the last few months in getting where we need to be.

Startup Christ Welcomes EcoEats, Inc.

One of the goals of Startup Christ is to feature Christian businesses. These businesses are founded as an entrepreneur’s means of using their talents to benefit the kingdom. While these businesses may be for profit, it doesn’t mean they can’t do good work especially once they make a profit. EcoEats, Inc launched was founded in April and has launched its initial products.

New Site!

In the first year of this, Startup Christ was on the wrong platform which greatly limited the potential of this website for discovery. In order to grow in Year 2, Startup Christ needs to be on the WordPress platform so that its pages and articles can be shared using Jetpack. WordPress has a lot to offer, and it was a mistake to use a cheaper option.